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Every four days a teenager commits suicide

Every four days a teenager commits suicide

Every four days in Switzerland a teenager commits suicide. Switzerland occupies a leading sad position and thus has one of the highest youth suicide rates in Western Europe: 10,000 Adolescents and young adults make suicide attempt. Nearly 100 young people die. In countries where people really should live happy, the suicide rate is generally higher. Adolescents suffering from the variety of options. The pressure is strong: in school, with friends and family…

Here’s the video for the campaign, very short and memorable, in German and French language, where the pictures speak more than words.

Pro Juventute want to achieve with the first national suicide prevention campaign 147, young people at risk.
Young people can under the number 147 by SMS or phone call around the clock get anonymous help. Pro Juventute already reached a daily call from a suicidal adolescents. Despite this advice is offered, however, suicide remains the second leading cause of death among boys. “The national prevention campaign should therefore build on successes from abroad”, says Marianne Affolter from Pro Juventute. “With similar efforts could be reduced the suicide rate in Germany or Scotland by up to 30 percent.”

The campaign breaks taboo and lets people who survived a suicide attempt talk anonymously about their experience or family members talk openly about their sad story. You can read a very sad and honest interview with a survivor of suicide here

Information film about Pro Juventute Consulting + Help 147

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