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Everyone is good at something, even the Blobfish

Everyone is good at something, even the Blobfish

I played these videos a dozen times and they still make me laugh. Even stronger, they gets better every time I see them.

The Blobfish is talking about philosophy, the Aye Aye Lemur about quantum physics and the Star Nose Mole explains breathing techniques.
But for what? They let us see that everyone is good at something. It is what we say is biodiversity.

Agency Walker in Zürich made these three videos for Biovision, the Swiss foundation for ecological development. They are doing projects for people and nature, it is all about the cycle of life because we are all interlinked.
When biodiversity is in danger we all are.

In January 2010 scientists were the bearers of bad news: the blobfish is threatened with extinction. They see deep-sea fishing with its enormous nets dragged over the ocean floor as the reason for this. It is not only sought-after fish and crabs that are caught in these nets but many other forms of life. The blobfish, which apparently oocurs only in Australian waters, is threatened. If this species is to have a chance of survival, dragnet fishing must be limited or forbidden. In any case, the oceans must have enough protected areas just like the mainland.


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