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Fail: Dacia is not revolutionary!

Fail: Dacia is not revolutionary!

Dacia is calling on all drivers to get in gear. They do this by literally disgracing the image of Che Guevara. Does Dacia even know what Che Guevara is all about? He most certain wasn’t a freedom fighter for bad advertising.
Che Guevara wasn’t a saint, that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean you can misuse his historical significance.

While Ben & Jerry’s Givolution is preaching for a revolution with a hint of humour, Dacia is dead seriously urging drivers to unite themselves and visit ‘Fanday’. ‘On that day, a mysterious appearance will cause a stir’, so reads the message.
I wonder if it’ll be Che Guevara himself who comes back from the grave to put a stop to this ridiculous happening.

Guest post by Daan Neleman from Made by Society.
A crosspost also published at Molblog and Made by Society.Translation help Kari-Anne.