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Faisal’s story, the surreal life of a refugee

Faisal’s story, the surreal life of a refugee

A very unusual animation style and a cause which is very unknown. This is the very first animation from the UK based Refugee Council. The Council is the leading charity in the UK working with asylum seekers and refugees.

The animation style is almost surreal. And that is a good choice from The Paperboat Creative, the agency behind it. The animation is about the situation of many refugee children and their experiences. Which can be described as surreal. Unfortunately it is reality.

The video tells the story of Faisal, who fled Afghanistan at the age of 15, and after arriving in the UK was held in a detention centre as an adult because the authorities did not believe he was a child.

Jenny Craven from The Refugee Council: “The aim of the video is to raise awareness of the reality of the situation that many child refugees face on arriving in the UK. That they have fled their home countries due to war, conflict and persecution, have been through extremely traumatic experiences, and on their arrival in the UK where they are hoping to find a place of safety, these children are often placed in detention. Too many, the authorities do not believe that the children are under 18, and place them in adult detention, which again, is extremely traumatic and frightening for the children.”

The animation was released as part of the Council celebrations for 18 years of their Children’s Section, which is the only dedicated national service for these children. It also follows a report that they have just released, Not a minor offence, which was published 2 years after the coalition government’s pledge to end child detention for immigration purposes.


The Refugee Council
The Paperboat Creative
Additional credits:
Creative Director: Rebecca van Ommen
Lead Animator: Angcoy Crisologo
Music Production: Nick Page (Dubullah)
Support Artists: Paul Borchers, Jason Moss, Jon Sheahan, Jon Line, Ali Ormerod, Hannah Liongoren
Video and Editing: Alessandro Morrone
Sound Production: Shubha Giri

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