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Fallout Flashmob in Switzerland

Fallout Flashmob in Switzerland

Because of the upcoming energy crisis more countries are trying to reintroduce nuclear power. Greenpeace Switzerland launched a national campaign against nuclear plants. Part of the campaign that includes posters and direct was a nationwide flashmob.
On Mai 25th, people were falling down in different places in Switzerland. That’s how Greenpeace showed a possible nuclear cloud spreading the country within hours. Together with other footage the viral “Der Zonenplan” was produced.

“Wissen Sie in welcher Zone sie leben?
Do you know in which zone you are living?”

Der Zonenplan/Zone plan
About 300 posters were spread according to their geographical location to highlight pedestrians and motorists to their relative position within the fallout zones: In which zone they are in, how far they are away from the nearest area and in which direction this is.



The campaign website:



Greenpeace Switzerland
Additional credits:
Pius Walker: Creative director
Martin Arnold: Copy
Stefanie Huber: Art director
Rahel Witschi: Graphic
Cornelia Nünlist: Advice

Cobblestone & Pumpkin Film
Pieter Lony & Caro Büchel (Producer)
Alain Gsponer (Regie)
Manuel Mack (DP)
Alex Kut (Editor)
Malte Hagemeister (Musik)

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