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“Famine” is the real F-Word

“Famine” is the real F-Word


The ONE Campaign has cashed in a wealth of political, media and celebrity goodwill on this one: Bono, Mike Huckabee, Michael Bloomberg, Arianna Huffington, K’naan, Jenna Bush, Jessica Alba, Christy Turlington Burns Idris Elba Colin Farrell, Annie Lennox, Rob Lowe, Ewan McGregor, and so on…

As usual, I am ambivalent about the celebrity talking head PSA, because they take very little effort on the part of the A-listers and are starting to blend one into another for me. But the drought in East Africa is a desperately important cause, and the PR push can’t hurt fundraising efforts. I only wonder: could Bono not have just cut a cheque?

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