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Famous vlogger crashed live (on YouTube)

Famous vlogger crashed live (on YouTube)

This case study is about an experiment done in Israel. The starting point was that regular awareness campaigns are ignored by (mostly) young people. Or Yarok, The Association for Safer Driving in Israel, wanted to do a campaign about live broadcasting while driving, the exceeding step of texting while driving. It is a new trend which causes 80% of accidents with people using their phone while driving.

Or Yarok asked agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and they decided to confront their target group on their home base YouTube. They used YouTube’s live broadcast feature and broadcasted a 6 minute pre-filmed video with Israel’s famous vlogger Ashley Waxman Bakshi. The experience of watching a real car crash as if it was live. They called it Live Kill.

Within 1 day 57.000 people had watched the broadcast.

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