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Fast food assassin

Fast food assassin

It sounds like a clincher but in some regions this kind of communication is a normal approach. Saying that shooting heroin into your child is the same as feeding junk food. In Australia they do, they are used to hardhitting campaigns.

Fast food and heroin both are assassins. I don’t think anyone would say that fast food is healthy. So why not make this comparison?

You wouldn’t inject your children with junk
So why are you feeding it to them?
Childhood obesity
Break the habit

‘Break the Habit’ is launched via social networking sites.
The client is unknown.

The Precinct Studios
Additional credits:
Producer – Henry Motteram
Director – Melvin J. Montalban
Editor – Melvin J. Montalban
D0P – Tania Lambert
Music Sound Production – Peter McCorquodale (McCrocodile Audio)
Colourist – Trish (Hi-Def Video Services)
Producer’s Assistant – Natasha Jackson
Gaffer – Matt Russell
Camera Assistant – Mark Collins
Production Assistant – Aragorn Fenton
Mother – Mikaela Martin

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