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F*cking environmentalists…

F*cking environmentalists…

While trolling the internet for interesting blog material, I stumbled across this Norwegian news about nude protestors who crashed a church service and simulated sex at the altar to promote their cause. And that cause is called Fuck For Forest (sic)

According to Wikipedia, “Fuck for forest, or FFF, is a non-profit environmental organisation founded in Norway by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, which raises money for rescuing the world’s rainforests by producing pornographic material or having sex in public.” And unlike Nudity for Charity, these folks are for real.

The site offers paid members access to pictures and videos of FFF activists nude and having lots and lots of sex, which is hardly rare on the Internet. But what sets them apart is their claim to be doing it all for Mother Nature. Their ‘eco-porn’ beneficiaries are Nature & Indian Reserve and Chama in Brasil, VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie in Slovakia, Seedsdream in Ecuador and Wildclimax refuge in Costa Rica.

According to the site’s “Why sexy?” page, “Our reason behind combining sex and ecology is easy. We do what we feel is right. We have a problem with the double moral standards many times surrounding the subject of sexuality. And we have a problem with how many humans treat nature. So why not enjoy life and try to make a change. We do not use sex to provoke. We do what we feel is right and naturally exciting for us to do. Sex is great!”


Watch a couple of amateur video interviews with Leona and Tommy, in English, after the break.

Fuck For Forest

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