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Fear is a serious disability – fear paralyzes

Fear is a serious disability – fear paralyzes

Fear come in many forms. They are difficult to understand, recognize and visualize. Agency Jung von Matt/Limmat AG made an effort for Pro Informis from Switzerland. Fear is a problem for about 800.000 people in that country.

The focus from the campaign is about the issue that fear is a serious disability, with the risk of becoming a anxiety disorder. Reducing the stigma that is associated with it is the additional purpose.

At the heart of the campaign is the short film that demonstrates how a person suffering from an anxiety disorder often has bigger obstacles to overcome in their day-to-day life than a person in a wheelchair. The multiple-award- winning Danish film-maker Martin Werner directed the film.

Short clips and teaser versions of the film also serve to raise awareness of the campaign issue via Pro Infirmis’ social-media channels. In addition, a wider campaign involved communication via social media, news platforms, posters, print ads and postcards.

Agency: Jung von Matt/Limmat AG
Alexander Jaggy: Executive Creative Director
Pablo Schencke, Johannes Raggio: Creative Directors
Bettina Ehrismann, Graphic Design
Marco Dettling, Marcel Mägerle, Marie Leggeri, Consultants
Nicole Hoppler, Nathalie Eggen: Media Relations, Content and Campaign; Deborah Herzig, Art Buying

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