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#FeelingNuts and #WakeUpCall – bets are on for which will be the next #icebucketchallenge

#FeelingNuts and #WakeUpCall – bets are on for which will be the next #icebucketchallenge

Just when you thought the #icebucketchallenge frenzy had worn off, and no charity would ever attempt another #nomakeupselfie campaign, here it comes the new selfie challenge… two of them, actually.

#FeelingNuts and #WakeUpCall - bets are on for which will be the next #icebucketchallenge

Last week, Check One Two kicked off the #FeelingNuts campaign, asking men to grab their crotch and take a selfie to encourage everyone to “check their love grenades” for testicular cancer. Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and William Shatner have already taken part in the challenge, which is now spreading wildly on the social media and getting a lot of media coverage worldwide.

But this ‘ballsy’ campaign is not the only one competing for the title of next #icebucketchallenge. A lot of celebrities are now posting unflattering pictures of themselves fresh out of the bed, as part of the #WakeUpCall challenge kicked off by Jemima Khan. The campaign aims to raise funds for the UNICEF’s Syria Emergency appeal.

Which one is going to be the most viral campaign of the month, it’s hard to tell, but surely the selfie craze is not going to stop anytime soon.

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