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#feelyourboobies Remind-a-Thon on Twitter

#feelyourboobies Remind-a-Thon on Twitter

Feel Your Boobies Foundation is an American not-for-profit dedicated to getting more women to check their own breasts for signs of cancer. If their name sound familiar, it’s because we’ve featured them before.

Based in Pennsylvania, FYB was founded in 2004 by Leigh Hurst, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 after she found a lump in an informal self-exam. Ever since, she has been doing everything she can to get more women familiar with the feel of their own breasts for easier self-detection of early tumours.


FYB has declared this week (Oct. 14-21) National Feel Your Boobies Week, and they are asking everyone with a Twitter account to help make #feelyourboobies a trending topic. They hope this will get the attention of celebrity Twitteratti like Lady Gaga or Ashton Kutcher (although Kutcher may have felt a few too many of late).

See Ms. Hurst’s video appeal below.

Up for a bit of slacktivism? If this hashtag campaign gets FYB the attention it wants, perhaps it will save somebody’s life.

Feel Your Boobies

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