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FEMEN invite you to cover their breasts

FEMEN invite you to cover their breasts

Ukrainian feminist activists FEMEN are known for two things: their topless protests against human trafficking (among other social justice issues) and their dramatic clashes with police.

Recently, they have also been running afoul of Facebook’s strict anti-nudity policy, which does not tolerate the photographic posting of women’s nipples regardless of whether it’s in an erotic, artistic, naturalistic (such as breastfeeding), medical or political context. When FEMEN first had their account suspended, they responded by trying to shame Facebook. After their reinstatement, they seemed immune to censorship for a while. But then they started voluntarily censoring their Facebook photos.

Now, they’re making a statement again…


At their sponsored contest site, they invite vistors to download a specific FEMEN topless shot and digitally censor it. Without bothering with mentioning any rules or regulations, they promise “The winner will boast an exclusive photo session with activists—and they will, as always, topless!”

Seems like some harmless fun, reminiscent of the SFW Porn meme (caution: some of those are still VERY “NSFW”).

What do you think of this protest?

See the original, and some of the early entries, below.









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