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Fight the bullfight

Fight the bullfight


I never had a opinion about bullfighting until I heard a interview with the spokesman of the Dutch Anti Bullfighting Committee CAS. Seeing a video at the CAS website made it all clear. It’s disgusting and sick.
It’s a cultural thing they say in Spain and some Latin American countries. Sometimes you had to get rid of some cultural traditions.

The Anti Bullfighting Committee CAS was founded in 1990 by the Dutch Animal Protection Society and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Because bullfighting is such a complex subject, both organisations decided to work together by starting a foundation whose main goal is to stop this terrible form of animal abuse, both on national and international level.

Their goal is the total abolition of bullfights and fiestas (festivals) where bulls are tortured and killed.
The photography of the print ads are from Alvaro Sotomayor, known from his work for Nike and Vodafone.
The last video is from CRAC, Le Comité Radicalement Anti Corrida from France.




Anti Bullfighting Committee CAS

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