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Fighting cancer with a sexy stolen hand bra

Fighting cancer with a sexy stolen hand bra

In a post titled “Sexy Breast Cancer Ads” women’s blog Jezebel featured this image advertising fashion brand Defy DC’s “Saving Second Base” fundraiser:


The blog noted, “Well, here’s an event that inspires mixed emotions: on the one hand, Defy DC’s benefit will raise money for breast cancer research [100 percent of proceeds will be donated to the Susan G Koman foundation] and it’s being advertised with a photo of a woman of color. On the other hand, that woman is naked, and the event is called ‘Saving Second Base.’”

Jez links to the Defy blog, which shows this event ad:


Now, the “hand bra” is a popular pose in this supersexed media age. But Defy DC did more than co-opt a meme. They went right out and stole the most famous hand bra image of all from a mainstream media giant. Recognize the photo? Answer below.


The September 1993 cover of Rolling Stone, featuring a then-27-year-old Janet Jackson topless, was named the magazine’s “Most Popular Cover Ever”.

Is it okay to steal creative work for charity? I don’t think so. Especially when you yourself are in a creative field.

Defy DC

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