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Film fest promo is “maybe a little too Canadian”

Film fest promo is “maybe a little too Canadian”


Ads of The World recently shared this fun promo film for the 2013 Canadian Film Fest: (Includes some swear words, FYI.)

I’m not sure whether or not anyone outside of North America will get the gag.

You see, we Canadians take particular pleasure in pointing out the (often small) differences between our culture and that of our southern neighbour, the United States. One of these, and one which visiting Americans find quite annoying, is that we officially adopted the metric system back in the 1970s. Many Canadians are fairly proficient in both systems (I never got the hang of Fahrenheit, but still measure myself in feet and pounds) but we know that most Americans are completely lost in metric. So the stereotyped American actor, appearing in a Canadian film, loses his cool and walks off set.

Canadian humour.


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