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Finland’s “Places” AIDS campaign moves to video, excludes gay men

Finland’s “Places” AIDS campaign moves to video, excludes gay men


The ad, above, is part of a campaign by the Finnish AIDS Council that we featured here in February.

The use of Facebook Places iconography is clever, but one reader called it “one of the worst cases of slut shaming I’ve ever seen”.

Now, video versions of the campaign have emerged. You can see them after the break.

Interestingly, the video version does not appear to have the anal sex version, aimed at gay men, that was part of the print. While I questioned the need to have a bum-specific version in the static version (since everyone who has sex with men comes into contact with a penis), in this case the two-partner portrayal is definitely missing the gay message. (For women, too, even though they’re the lowest risk group.)

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