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Fired because of hiding grandmother’s passport

Fired because of hiding grandmother’s passport

Спрячь бабушкин паспорт

It is election day today in Belarus, the country which is struggling with democratic rules. Again the victory of Alexander Lukashenko is expected.
The video above was made last month. Woman’s grandson hid her passport, thus preventing her, in his opinion, from support of the unwanted candidate. The video ends with the slogan “Save the country. Hide your grandmother’s passport.”
The video was immediately called a “tough anti-Lukashenka propaganda”.

It was made by Yauhen Shapchits, a professional video editor of the Belarusian State TV and Radio company (BTRC).
YouYube flagged the video as ‘inappropriate content’ after a few days when the video became popular. It was soon re-loaded by other users and distributed to hundreds of sites.

The director was called to the BTRC management and asked to leave his position. The author then decided not to preserve anonymity any more.
Shapchits, as he said, “was summoned to the management and asked to write a letter of resignation,” which he did.


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