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First kiss – a heartbreaking love story about seat belts

First kiss – a heartbreaking love story about seat belts

It hard to judge this new buckle up campaign video from South Africa. Because since 2010 we know Embrace Life, probably the best ad ever made. That call to wear seat belts which become the standard in behaviour change communication. The most remarkable thing about that campaign was the lack of shocking images and blood. Love was the leading angle.

This new ad from South Africa is also about love and shot in high cinematic quality. Entitled First Kiss, it is a heartbreaking love story for the Western Cape Government. First Kiss tells the story of a young couple at a party, who spend their night trying to kiss but keep being interrupted. The final interruption turns a straightforward love story into a shocking road safety ad. Which makes it very different from Embrace Life.

I’m not a fan of shockvertising and here again I think it’s too much and is not necessary. And yet, the video impress. maybe it is the love story.

BD Live Columnist Suhana Gordhan notes in a recent article:

This is a very negative ad. But it is made beautifully, and leaves you reeling. The rhythm of the ad mimics the joie de vivre of youth and the soft haze in which you live out a perfect night. It’s fluid and romantic, and the lilting track carries you along — until the horror sets in.

Hector Eliott, Strategic Co-ordinator for Safely Home in the Western Cape Department of Transport about ‘shock tactics’:

I think the term is irrelevant ­– like all effective marketing, road safety communication is really about ‘powerful messaging’. And this is what we achieved through the ‘The First Kiss’ ad – a powerful and deeply moving message which illustrates what can be achieved by synthesising best practice and evidence-based decision-making with creative excellence and artistic craftsmanship.

Egg Films’ Jason Fialkov directed the video for agency Y&R. They say it is inspired by an Irish strategy, which was credited as having brought about a 100% increase in backseat seatbelt wearing and 50% increase in front-seat wearing rates in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The ad was produced for television and cinema and is supported by billboards and radio.

Agency producer: Justin Fraser
ECD: Graham Lang
Creative Director: Nkanyezi Masango
Creative Director: Gareth Cohen
Director: Jason Fialkov
Director of photography: Willie Nel
Production co producer: Martina Schieder
Executive producer: Kerry Hosford
Post production co: Upstairs Ludus
City: Cape Town, South Africa
Editing company & city: Upstairs Ludus
Editor: Shaun Broude
Art director (production): William Boyes

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