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Food Fight – Fight against food waste

Food Fight – Fight against food waste


Every Scandinavian wastes 50 kgs of food per year. Christoffer Åhlén and Chelsea Frangie, two Miami Ad School graduates have suggested a solution by introducing an app where you can see what you have in your fridge – just by entering the supermarket card number.

At Scandinavia’s biggest supermarket chain, ICA, most people swipe their supermarket card when they buy food. For many, it means getting a reduced price, but what most do not know is that every purchased product gets stored in their system.
Then the smart part begins. All data is stored in the app on the smartphone, complete with expiration date and quantity. It track what you consume and what goes to waste.
Chelsea Frangie: “So, you save money, avoid long shopping lists, and manage your food effectively”.

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Chelsea Frangie
Christoffer Åhlén

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