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Football is priceless, literally

Football is priceless, literally

Kris Hofman: Football is priceless, literally

Kris Hofman tells the story of the big business Premier League Football. And how is has become a destructive financial imbalance between the mega wealthy stars of the game and their fans. What was once a real working man’s game, is unaffordable to many fans.

It is told with a set of custom illustrated football playing cards that feature drawings of the men and women who ‘make’ the game.
The film was originally directed for the NY Times.

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Kris Hofman website here.

Additional credits:
Directed and illustrated by Kris Hofmann
Written by Kris Hofmann and Phil Wall
with Henri White
Narrated by Tom McClane

Director of Photography / Mirko Beutler
Camera and Lighting Assistant / Peter Panoa
The House of Cards / The Arches Studio

Sound & Music / Alexander Zlamal
Editor / Giorgio Gremigni
Colourist / Jack McGinity
VO record / Nacho Martin

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