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For Orange, Against Aids

For Orange, Against Aids

When you’re interested in Footbal you know the color Orange. It’s the national color, also from the footbal team, in my country the Netherlands. We’re doing good in South Africa isn’t it 🙂

Oxfam Novib and STOP AIDS NOW! are running a national campaign during the World Cup to raise awareness about AIDS in South Africa. During the World Cup 30.000 South Africans die from this disease.

The main part of the campaign happens on Hyves, the biggest social network in the Netherlands. Football trainer and former keeper Stanley Menzo ask all Hyves members to pay attention for the situation in South Africa. He is doing it with the video as shown above.
But he is also asking the network members to make a funny photo with an interactive tool.

The aim is to collect tens of thousands of these photos in an album and this football to meet the new Minister for Development Cooperation this fall. The call to the Dutch government is to be world champion AIDS control. Specifically: Netherlands must invest one hundred million Euro in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
And of course many Dutch celebs like Jack van Gelder, Nicolette Kluijver, Angela Groothuizen, Zarayda en Victoria Koblenko support the campaign.
At this moment 53.511 members already submit their image.

Campaign slogan: For Orange, Against AIDS (campaign website is in Dutch).


The launch of the campaign:


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