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Foreskin Man meets his nemesis

Foreskin Man meets his nemesis

If you don’t remember Foreskin Man from a previous post, it is an awkward and frighteningly anti-Semitic comic book created by Matthew Hess, an intactivist from California.


Well, every super “hero” has his nemesis. And here’s his: Captain Israel (no, not that Captain Israel).


That’s right, Foreskin Man! Captain Israel has you by your wrinkled… flaccid… ummm… what is that supposed to represent?

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Captain Israel is a comic by Arlen Schumer, and the first issue is a historical survey of Jewish history, suffering, pride and perseverance.


His backer is Stand With Us, and Israeli advocacy group.

While I stand on the “save the penis” side of the infant circumcision debate (simply because a baby cannot consent), the Foreskin Man comic has surely set that cause back with its ugly stereotypes and hate.

In other words, that prick had it coming.

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Captain Israel
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