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Forget about 2.0, it’s 0.0 what matters

Forget about 2.0, it’s 0.0 what matters

For Osocio this is off topic but it is so remarkable that I want to share it with you. It is a media project from the tech brand Motorola based on the theme “The Future of Abundance”.
Remarkable because of it’s length. 13 minutes in total. But above all it isn’t about the brand itself. It is a vision on our future.

What’s going to emerge next when social media comes to an end? Key persons who lead the cultural context in Japan got together at the “Social Lab 0.0” to achieve an ambitious objective of finding out what’s beyond social and seeking a rich future. The social network can become vicious or at other times, become an innocent baby. What kind of future will it let us see?

Is abundance really our outlook? Hard to imagine.
The new technologies we face now will evolve into something else. Is social media an intermediate stop?
I saw these videos two weeks ago for the first time and since then I’m confused. More questions than answers. But above all a very important question:
“What does abundance mean to us these days?”


Chapter 2
“Social 0.0 Lab” was a project launched by Naohiro Ukawa who said that the idea of a rich future starts by sharing a spectacular imagination. In this second chapter you see messages by Daisuke Tsuda (Media Activist), Kageki Shimoda (Naoki-Prize Writer), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Symbolic Model of Real Harajuku), Yasumasa Yonehara (Photographer who communicates the Kawaii culture across borders) and Takashi Ikegami (Complex Systems Physicist). Do these real voices of contemporary Japan have the power to exceed drama and be the guiding light towards supreme richness?


Chapter 3
Naoto Hiroyama (Orange Range, delofamilia), Rie fu (Delofamilia), Tota Hasegawa who is broadening his activities from Tomato to W+K, Akiyoshi Mishima, an artist who evolves in indeterminate form as we see in his fashion brand Fugahum, and Toshiyuki Inoko, representative of Team Lab, a modern ultra-technologist group.
Will you be able to find your richness?
And what kind of drama will begin from here?


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