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Foundation calls on young men to ‘Go Balls Out’

Foundation calls on young men to ‘Go Balls Out’

This is the second post with balls in a row. This is no coincidence because in many countries there are currently awareness weeks about testicular cancer. The video in the previous post was made by doctors for a small action. The campaign in this message has a greater production scale. But the message is the same in both campaigns: check you balls regularly.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts who like to use fitness apps as Strava or Runkeeper know the fun of making shapes with the GPS. New Zealand’s Testicular Cancer Foundation used that idea and asks the public to draw their cause. #GoBallsOut they call it. They encourage sportspeople to share these shapes on social media channel. Accompanied with the hashtag #GoBallsOut. Check out many examples here.

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages of 15-39. Sadly, awareness of this cancer, how to check for symptoms and how to reduce the risk is shockingly low. Perhaps this form of cancer and self examination is a little embarrassing for many. The aim of the #GoBallsOut campaign is to tackle this shyness directly. It is also an encouragement to exercise, which is proven to reduce the risk of a number of cancers.

Graeme Woodside, CEO of Testicular Cancer New Zealand:

Early detection is critical for Testicular Cancer treatment, as it leads to better outcomes for patients. We want young men to understand that exercise may reduce the risk of Testicular Cancer and learn how to confidently check themselves and know what to watch out for. Asking people to #GoBallsOut raises awareness of Testicular Cancer in a provocative and visual way. Ultimately however, we want people to ‘check their balls’ and keep themselves safe.”

We hope this campaign will get people talking and walking, as awareness and exercise are both key. We want young men to ‘Go Balls Out’ to show the world they’ve got the message, and are willing to start the conversation. Guys love some competition, and when it comes to Cock & Balls, they can get very competitive!



Testicular Cancer Foundation New Zealand #GOBALLSOUT

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