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Free download: She Decides

Free download: She Decides

She-DecidesWomen make more than 80 percent of all health-related decisions for their families (this is a U.S. Stat). That goes for choosing a brand of children’s cold medicine to selecting a health insurance plan. Yet many health-related organizations miss the mark when it comes identifying them as a critical audience – or understanding what motivates them.

A new Fenton guide, She Decides: How to Reach the Most Important Audience for Your Health Campaign, is designed to help health leaders and communicators who are shaping policy or encouraging healthy behaviors harness the power of this core demographic.

The guide explores four tried-and-true marketing principles that effectively target women through Four C’s. The principles — Care, Connect, Cultivate and Control — drawn from Fenton’s analysis of market research, successful campaigns from both the corporate and nonprofits sectors, as well as the latest in brain science.

She Decides is available for download at:

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