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Free For The Weekend? Israel-Loves-Iran Part 2

Free For The Weekend? Israel-Loves-Iran Part 2

In the field of peacebuilding there is something called an “envisioned shared future.” It is when the opposing sides in any conflict stop for a minute and think.  It’s a ceasefire of the mind, if you will.  In the field of social advertising, few things show this better than two recent posters from the Israel-Loves-Iran campaign.  Fellow blogger and creative mastermind Marc Van Gurp originally posted about this wonderfully positive campaign here and is worth a second and third look.


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The posters call to action is for viewers to use their moral imagination and envision peace.  To imagine a time when one will travel from Tel Aviv to Tehran or from Gaza to Tel Aviv without flying thru many other airports and additional passports in hand.  Not only inspirational but aspirational, these posters push viewers to look beyond the obstacles to peace and find opportunities.  Next time, I hope I will see you all at Ben Gurion Airport standing in line waiting to board the first airplane bound for Tehran… get your passports ready.


A quick update on how the campaign is going… the Facebook page now has over 90,000 likes and in October 2012, the creators, Ronny Edry and Machil Tamir have begun the official established “The Peace Factory.” From the website it is “A non profit, non political organization promoting peace in the middle east by making connection between people, opening new communication line, making people get to know each other, re-humanize people from “the other side”. Iranians, Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese,Turkish, Jordanians and more.”




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