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Free Wifi – only available in the shadow

Free Wifi – only available in the shadow

This is the kind of awareness where media attention is a very important part. The advertising agency lends a hand in this case with a case video.

It is the latest campaign from the Liga Contra el Cancer. Agency Happiness from Brussels built a free Wifi network for them that only works in the shadow. A good opportunity to tell seaside visitors about skin cancer.

Agency: Happiness, Brussels
CEO: Karen Corrigan
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
Creative director:  Philippe Fass
Chief Innovation Officer: Kris Hoet
Concept Provider: Laurie Lacourt, Catherine Hermans
Creative producer: Dominique Van Doormaal
Graphic designer:  Gregory Ellinger/Laurie Lacourt
Account Management:  Pascal Kemajou
Agency producer: Bart Vande Maele
WiFi Hardware Specialist: Ward Van Ooteghem
Production company: Maneki Studio
Post Production company: Moxy

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