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Friend request – Life isn’t like Facebook

Friend request – Life isn’t like Facebook

The World AIDS Day is getting closer and here is a nice little campaign from Polish Red Cross (PCK).

In Poland almost 35% of new HIV infections are known to be acquired through unprotected sexual relations. To help tackle that PCK have created facebook profile of a fictional Ala Skoczewska and ask their fans to befriend her and send friend suggestions to their friends. That is supposed to start the whole thinking process. Do I know that attractive girl? Which guy would refuse that request?

On her wall you can find the video below:

Final message is clear and simple but many will say that the it would be much better if it would call for the use of condoms. I fully agree, it should do but Poland is still very much a catholic country and to see partying, alcohol and some nudity in an ad from Polish Red Cross, which is one of the oldest and most conservative Polish charities, is already a shock. Also there doesn’t seem to be a male version of it aimed at women and male homosexual community.

I hope that Saatchi & Saatchi will help them break up with their image and carry on producing such campaigns.

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