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From Development 1.0 to Development 2.0

From Development 1.0 to Development 2.0

Youth Social Enterprise Initiative (YSEI) is promoting a better alternative to development work, Development 2.0—sustainable, collaborative, entrepreneural and not aid dependent.


Development 1.0 according to them:
““Aid” and “development” form a rough to cross terrain. From high peaks of bureaucracy, with the sight blurred by the disconnection between grassroots and policy making, those who dare dedicate their lives to make a change in the world stare, desolated, at resources flowing in tortuous streams born in affluent springs bringing some hope to those in need; but not before almost perishing in arid sinks along the way.”


YSEI also launched the book Start Up and Change the World – a guidebook dedicated to young innovators who are equipped with great ideas and intent on unleashing them to change the world. Osocio was featured in one of the pages. 😀 You can download the PDF of the book download.


Youth Social Enterprise Initiative

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