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Fundraising for Haiti

Fundraising for Haiti

It is already ten days ago that Haiti collapsed due to a devastating eartquake.
It was a month ago that an aid worker from orphanage in Haiti said that the country need a disaster to get attention from the rest of the world. Of course it was meant ironically. The country was already mentally weary and anxious.
Now it is the time for fundraising and I hope not only for first aid but also for reconstruction.

For this post I collected some fundraising PSA’s. Feel free to give tips in the comments or via Twitter about more campaigns.

The PSA above is from the Netherlands. Agency N=5.

Widget from the International Medical Corps available for you own website:


Also from the Netherlands for Giro555:


“I was eager to join the Ad Council and the Red Cross to launch this call to action in the wake of this weeks devastating earthquake,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “The people of Haiti are struggling just to survive. And every one of us has the power to help.”

The PSAs encourage audiences to go to or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. On cell phones, viewers can text HAITI to 9-0-9-9-9 and $10 will be given automatically to the American Red Cross.
Agency: Homefront Communications



ACT Responsible presents an American ad from McCann Erickson New York for The International Rescue Committee:


Unicef USA:


Samuel Dalembert UNICEF NBA Commercial:


Caritas International / Handicap International / Oxfam-Solidariteit / Dokters van de Wereld / UNICEF België / Artsen Zonder Grenzen / Rode Kruis Vlaanderen:


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