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Furry celebrities promote shelter pets #StartAStoryAdopt

Furry celebrities promote shelter pets #StartAStoryAdopt

This is a cute campaign for Shelter Pet Project by the Ad Council and J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

In the PSA, animal “cewebrities” such as Keyboard Cat, HamiltonPug and ToastMeetsWorld out themselves as shelter pets saved from an uncertain future.  (Toast, for example, was rescued from a puppy mill.)

The campaign rolls out biographical videos for each animal, which can be seen on the Shelter Pet Project YouTube Channel.

Not every animal lover is going to love the campaign, I suspect. For example, the owners of Keyboard Cat have been accused of animal cruelty, and the making these animal videos could be considered exploitative.

But I don’t want to build a straw man. Or dog. Or cat. Viewers will decide for themselves.

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