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Gabriela Duct Tape

Gabriela Duct Tape


A small scale ambient idea that really works. No wonder it won bronze at the Cannes Lions 2008! Really nice idea and execution.

Innovative Media Strategy:
Past efforts in encouraging victims of spousal abuse to come forward have often fallen short of expectations. The apparent cause was the media used. Women, who already faced fear and shame in reporting their cases, found the ads on TV, radio and print somewhat distant and intimidating. Hence, the strategy was to bring the ads closer to home, making use of a venue for trivial household concerns.

Creative Execution:
In the Philippines, telephone posts are commonly used as advertising venues for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and other handymen. By using this space, victims were given the feeling that the problem is an almost everyday concern as normal as a broken pipe, a defective TV and the like and, as such, just as easy to address if only they report it.


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