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Gay youth told, “It gets better”… also, “Download Google Chrome!”

Gay youth told, “It gets better”… also, “Download Google Chrome!”

The “It Gets Better” campaign against the bullying of gay youth in America (Osocio’s Campaign of the Month in October, 2010) has been co-opted and re-framed as a triumph of Internet collaboration… GOOGLE Internet collaboration:

This 90-second spot, introduced during a broadcast of the popular teen musical TV series Glee, pieces together the evolution of the grassroots campaign from Dan Savage’s first video to their own employee participation.

Not to sound too cynical, but this is not a PSA at this point. It is socially-activist corporate and product advertising. Not that it makes the message itself any less important, but I would have been more impressed if Google had spent less time inserting themselves into the story.

Nonetheless, Glee is a perfect media placement, especially since it has been pushing U.S. primetime TV boundaries in its portrayal of gay teenage love. And the message needs to spread… even with the baggage of product placements.

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