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Get on your bike

Get on your bike

The Dutch governement is not only getting sick because of traffic infarcts but also of the infarcts of their inhabitants too. For that reason some Dutch ministries bundle their strenghts for a new campaign: people, people get on your bicycle.
This was the fictive briefing for making tv-spots by nine final examination candidates camera/light of the Dutch Film and Television Academy (Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie Nfta) this year.
They made their tv-spot with help from second year students and members of the course at the ADCN (Art Directors Club Nederland) workshop.

The first video project is from Steffie Phlippen. Title: The elevator 2
The voiceover tells that one parked car had a problem: the driver forgot the handbrake and is now driving by itself to a yellow Lotus :-). The thirth person in the elevator is happy, he had come by bicycle.

The second video project is from Lise Veenstra. Title: Free Saddam.
Whatever happens, cycling makes you feel free.

The thirth video (coming soon) project is from Mirco Maassen. Title: Car addict.
The video tells the story of a car addict who is in therapy.

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