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“Girlie” Men for Prostate Cancer Prevention

“Girlie” Men for Prostate Cancer Prevention

The premise of this PSA is simple: If men talked to each other the way women do, they’d make sure all their friends got a prostate exam.

Two of the men in this spot are famous American athletes: baseball legend Vida Blue and football player turned minister, Rosey Grier.


Dave Perron, vice president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s baseball and sports enterprises, is quoted as saying: “This spot delivers an important message with humor and will capture the attention of both men and their women. We know women are more proactive when it comes to managing their health and talk openly about these issues. Many men avoid these topics. They put off their annual exams and screenings. We hope this spot will spur, perhaps even challenge, many into action.”

“THEIR women”? Okay, so the premise and the language are pretty sexist. But with an estimated 2 million American men currently living with prostate cancer, perhaps the blunt instrument was what was needed to raise awareness.

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