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“Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No” – Joan Baez, 1968

“Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No” – Joan Baez, 1968


This 1968 American anti-conscription poster sums up much of what’s interesting about the 1960s — the innocence (including the pre-liberated, Lysistrata-style sexual dynamic), the earnestness, and the simplicity.

According to Wikicollecting:

Joan Baez was highly active as a political activist during the 1960s, and established the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence in 1964. She encouraged draft resistance during her live concerts, and is believed to have suggested that women opposed to violence should go for men who were resisting the military draft. This suggestion soon turned into the poster featuring Baez, which was created by Larry Gates and sold to raise funds for the Draft Resistance movement.

The poster features the celebrated U.S folk singer and political activist Joan Baez, along with her sisters Pauline and Mimi. They sit together on a couch, above which a slogan reads “Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No”.

The poster was created to combat the idea that draft resistance was unmanly, and openly suggested that woman who opposed the military draft should become involved with men who resisted it.

Ms. Baez deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award for artistic activism. In addition to her considerable musical accomplishments, went on to help found the American chapter of Amnesty International. More recently, she remains a prominent social influencer in causes such as opposing the death penalty, GLBT rights, environmental protection, peace and help for the poor and oppressed.

Watch her performance at Occupy Wall Street, after the break.

The Draft Resistance

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