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Give a Shit

Give a Shit


“ is not like all those other charities. We’re not asking you to give us money. We’re asking you to Give a Shit. Now, don’t be packaging it up and mailing it to us or anything, just pick a cause, and show us what you Give a Shit about”

Nice new idea and yes I have my best thoughts mostly on the toilet too.

We are determined to harness the power of mass consciousness.
But in our frenetic, fast-paced existence when do folk have the time to really care about the problems of the world?
Well, everyone has those moments of God-given contemplation while on the toilet.
The perfect time for people to give a shit is while having a shit.
That’s how the “Give a Shit” movement was formed.
And that’s how caring became sharing as people shared their shit.

A special video featuring Nikki Reed from Twilight:


I think Give-a-Shit is fun, easy to share but I’m afraid that’s all. It is a random thing to do within 30 seconds. I’m missing more background information. Users are unable to personalize their Tweets or Likes. It would be much better with the possibility to give a personal touch.

Give-a-Shit is on Facebook too. With a slightly changed name.


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