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Greenpeace reveals the true face of Dutch energy giants

Greenpeace reveals the true face of Dutch energy giants

After the by now famous attack on Nestlé this year – remember the bloody orangutan fingers? – Greenpeace keeps on campaigning in a pretty straightforward way. And I like it. This time Greenpeace challenges Dutch energy giants Essent and Nuon. Both companies claim in their advertisements to care for the environment, energy saving and investing in ‘green’ energy, but those beautiful words seem to have little meaning in reality. Nuon and Essent have serious plans to build new big coal-fired power plants in the Eemshaven, near the Waddenzee; a nature reserve listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. By using the original commercials of the energy companies, Greenpeace explains its part of the story.

Nuon quickly responded with a press release, but let’s see if this Greenpeace campaign will be as effective as the Nestlé case. I still can´t eat an orangutan finger…

Check the original commercials here (Nuon) and here (Essent).


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