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Greenpeace to KFC: You’re No-Good For Rainforests

Greenpeace to KFC: You’re No-Good For Rainforests

Today’s news that the Indonesian government has forbidden Greenpeace Indonesia to hold rallies criticizing companies and public institutions is the latest update in Greenpeace’s summer campaign against KFC.

Greenpeace’s report, “How KFC is Junking the Jungle by Driving Rainforest Destruction in Indonesia”, alleges fast-food companies like KFC are threatening the lives of endangered animals by using tropical rainforest hardwood to make food packaging products.


Check out the accompanying KFC No-Good For Rainforests campaign at

Colonel Sanders is unapologetic when confronted by cartoon criticism: “So what if I make a few tigers homeless so I can box my junk?”

The website asks supporters to sign the petition and share the revolt on social media sites. Read on for more finger-licking good details …

User-generated “KFC is Revolting” campaigns:


Here are a few more videos:

The online petition and social media campaign have been backed by attention-getting events around the world in the last few weeks.

In Toronto’s Kensington Market, activists set up a Colonel Sanders “dunk tank” allowing pedestrians to dunk the Colonel in a KFC bucket.  At KFC’s corporate headquarters in Kentucky, protesters hung “KFC Stop Trashing My Home” banners. Activists in tiger costumes have been popping up at KFC restaurants in various cities.

Between this campaign, Rio+20 declarations, billboard bannings, #ShellFail and, it’s been a high-profile month for the folks at Greenpeace.


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