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Greenpeace wants you to tell Netflix to go green

Greenpeace wants you to tell Netflix to go green

Greenpeace’s new message is easy to understand. And it is a realistic request for the target. Netflix has changed TV for the better (according to the kind words of Greenpeace). But now it is time for them to change our planet for the better by using renewable energy.

Today video streaming accounts for 63% of global internet traffic and this is set to reach 80% by 2020, representing a huge and growing energy footprint. Apple, Google and Facebook are taking some of the greatest strides towards 100% renewable energy, while companies such as Netflix, Twitter and Samsung are falling short. Netflix is known as a modern business and seems quite sensitive to the question.

Now the video streaming service has a poor ranking in the Greenpeace’s report, Clicking Clean: Who is Winning the Race to Build a Green Internet? Greenpeace made therefore this petition website to change this.

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