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Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much [update]

Guide dogs also help people who have seen too much [update]

This is the new commercial from KNGF Geleidehonden, the Dutch Guide Dog Association. They are known for the training of guide dogs.

That they also train dogs for different tasks is less well known. As for war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. They often suffer from insomnia, nightmares and reliving.

A dog contributes to a sense of security, increased mobility and comfort and peace, seeking contact and make his boss awake by nightmares.

“We not only help people who can’t see, but also people who have seen too much.”

Update: the video is now available in English. See above. Thank you Selmore.

Update II: The campaign has won the Gouden Loekie, the Dutch audience award.
The making-of video is added below.

Original Dutch version:


KNGF Geleidehonden

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