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GunFree SA: ‘If your stolen gun was there, so were you’

GunFree SA: ‘If your stolen gun was there, so were you’

GunFree SA: ‘If your stolen gun was there, so were you’

This video is the new campaign from Gun Free South Africa. The spot calls on all South Africans to hand in their firearms.
Frieze Films’ Tony Baggott directed the video for agency Y&R with the title ‘If Your Stolen Gun Was There, So Were You’.

Over 50 firearms are stolen or lost every day in South Africa. Tony Baggott used that in the spot by placing gun-owners at the scene of the crime.
Y&R had originally conceptualized the spot as a first-person shooter, but Tony rather suggested filming the PSA in a single, continuous take and using choreography to introduce the second person.

Bibi Lötter, Y&R’s group creative director: “Tony also added so much value in terms of audio; the placement of the gunshots over the messaging; and the silence over the logo to link the idea of a gun free South Africa to a sense of peace and quiet. He turned the audio treatment into a powerful statement of the idea.”

“I really loved the subtlety of Tony’s treatment,” says Bibi. “He’s crafted a thoughtful piece that doesn’t accuse anyone but makes people think about what it means to own a gun.”

Y&R commented on their blog: An often-repeated myth is that it’s illegal guns that are the problem. As Oscar Pistorius’s trial, in which he faces charges of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp with a gun he legally bought for self defence, tragically illustrates this isn’t true.
In addition to the risk of being killed by a gun – whether from murder, suicide or an accident, which most often involves children finding a gun that isn’t locked away in a safe – a further risk to owning a gun is that it is stolen or lost.

Gun Free South Africa
Additional credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Executive Creative Director: Rui Alves
Group Creative Head: Bibi Lotter
Creative Group Head: Grant Seller
Copywriter: Marjolien Rossouw
TV Producer: Lesley Wyldbore
Account Director: Greg Dennis
Director: Tony Baggott
DOP: Marc Rowlston
Music: Louis Enslin at Produce
Post-production: Melanie Golden at Deep End Post

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