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Hand against abuse

Hand against abuse


It seems that this design for the German anti abuse organisation Gegen Missbrauch is done before. I don’t care, I like it.
Gegen Missbrauch means against abuse.
Copy: “More than 300.000 children are sexually abused in Germany every year.”
Hamburg based agengy Grabarz & Partner won silver in the category Press, Poster & Techniques at this years Epica Awards.

Older posters made by Grabarz & Partner inside.

Copy: “Über 150.000 Kleinkinder werden jedes Jahr in Deutschland sexuell missbraucht.”
“More than 150.000 little children are sexually abused in Germany every year.”



Below agency unknown.
Copy: “Jährlig werden mehr als 300.000 Kinder in Deutschland sexuell missbraucht. Die Täter kommen zu über 90% aus dem direkten Unfeld ihrer Opfer. Ein Kind muss bis zu 7 Personen ansprechen, bevor es Hilfe bekommt.”
“More than 300.000 children are sexually abused in Germany every year. Over 90% of the abusers are coming from the direct surroundings of the victims. A child must respond up to 7 persons, before it gets help.


Gegen Missbrauch
Grabarz & Partner
Additional credits:
Epica winner:
Creative Directors: Ralf Heuel, Patricia Pätzold, Ralf Nolting
Art Director / Illustrator: Julia Elles
Copywriter: Laura Müller-Rossbach

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