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Helmet or Braindamage?

Helmet or Braindamage?


Holder stilen, hvis du smadrer hovedet?
Are you still stylish if you smash your head?


Hjelm eller hjerneskade – hvad er mest cool?

Helmet or Braindamage – which is more cool?


Hvor fedt er det at spille bold med hul i hovedet?
How great is it to play ball with a hole in you head?


Hvor sjovt er det at ga i byen med hul i hovedet?
How fun is it to party with a hole in your head?

I’ve been in Danmark a few times, by car, train and bike. And I noticed that the Danisch people are so relaxed and polite on the road.
And even there a organisation like Rådet for Større Færdselssikkerhed, the Danisch road safety council is needed.

Thomas (thanks) from the council send this campaign: Spænd Hjelmen, which is a kind of slang, that means Buckle Up (The helmet).
The head is one of the most fragile parts of the human body. The main goal is to tell youngsters to wear helmets when they are biking.
Tjek hvor smart du i virkeligheden er pa
See how smart you really are at (

At the sikkertrafik website you can read (in Danish) a interview with Jesper Skibby, the great racing cyclist from the 80’s.
In short the Skibby story is about his crash in 1994 in the Tirreno-Adriatico race during the sprint. The main point of the article is, that if he had worn a helmet, he would probably only have suffered a minor headache, instead of a devastating blow to the head, and a major concussion an cranial fracture.

I do cycling a lot (MTB), in fact I said it here before it is the only sport that reallly matters. But if I’m honest I only wear a helmet if I’m cycling on my sportsbike. Shame on me.

Part of the Spænd Hjelmen campaign is the tv-spot, see below. (see the wmv file here)
Agency Nectar Communication.

Below the tv-spot the same idea made for the Initiative ProHelm, Germany. (via)



Rådet for Større Færdselssikkerhed

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