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Help Me

Help Me

Brothers in Arms, a New Zealand organization that provides mentoring for youth at risk, engaged Ogilvy and some local street artists to create this graffiti installation at a busy intersection in Aukland:


The words “help me”, over and over again, are intended to show the public what the antisocial behaviour of youth at risk really is — a cry for help.


From their site:

Brothers in Arms exists to bring hope and change to the young people of New Zealand who grow up in a world without a positive role model. Through one on one mentoring, young Kiwis will have their eyes opened to a range of new experiences that will impact their lives forever. There are thousands of young people in Auckland who are in need of a mentor right now and BIA are taking up the challenge of inspiring ordinary New Zealanders to stand up and give of themselves to volunteer and fill this role.

An interesting approach, and one that is worth sharing.

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