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Help us help the rest

Help us help the rest


“For 85 million girls, missing out on an education is real. Last year, we sent 7 million girls to their first day of school. Help us help the rest.”

For 2 million children each year, working in the sex trade is a reality. We have saved thousands of kids from the world’s streets. Help us help the rest.

I don’t know what to think about these ads from Unicef Canada. It’s no high quality design be the communication is very clear. You know what’s about a first sight.
But what’s the target audience, children or adults? Do young children know what education, war or sex trade is?
What do you think?


For 300.000 children, fighting in armed conflict is very real. Each year, we liberate thousands of kids. Help us help the rest.


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Unicef Canada
Grey Toronto

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