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Help will always come from above

Help will always come from above

Bronze at the Cannes Lions 2007 in the category Film.
Ad from Ornge. Ornge, a non-profit organization, was appointed in July 2005 by the province of Ontario Ministry of Health to co-ordinate all aspects of Ontario’s air ambulance system and began operations January 2006.

Their program began in 1977 with a single rotor-wing aircraft based in Toronto. Today, with 33 aircraft stationed at 26 bases across the province, Ornge operates the largest and most sophisticated program of aero-medical transport in North America. Ornge saved over 18,000 lives in Ontario last year, yet many Ontarians don’t even know what Ornge is. That’s why they communicate that help will always come from above.

Taxi Canada, Toronto
Additional credits:
Executive Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Copywriter: David Mueller
Art Director: Mark Scott
Production Company: Avion Film Productions, Toronto
Director: Chris Woods
Producer: Paola Lazzeri

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