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Hey blue eyed bitch, what if it was #illegaltobeyou?

Hey blue eyed bitch, what if it was #illegaltobeyou?

“No people with brown hair allowed” and “Blue eyed bitch” are two slogans from Kaleidoscope Trust’s #illegaltobeyou, a YouTube and Twitter campaign asking people to consider what life would be like if it was “a crime to be you”.


In 78 countries, homosexual acts are illegal, and in five of those countries, the maximum penalty is death. What if it was a punishable crime to be too tall or too blonde?

The campaign cornerstone is a video produced by M&C Saatchi and directed by documentary maker Srik Narayanan.

It’s certainly “hard-hitting” as advertised, but not sure if it’s viral. At 1 min 30 the video takes some time getting to the point, and the last 30 seconds are just text panels explaining the campaign. On the other hand, since Kony broke it’s no longer so easy to say “OMG! Your PSA is too long!”

Kaleidoscope Trust is a fairly new organization, not yet a year old. #illegaltobeyou is backed by some celebrity support, including actor John Barrowman, and is accompanied by a text-to-donate push: To give £5 text EQUAL to 70500.

Barrowman and Kaleidoscope outside British parliament at the launch of #illegaltobeyou.

T-shirts like the ‘Blond People Are Scum’ and ‘Blue Eyed Freak’ ones shown on Facebook photo are supposedly available to the public, but I don’t see them sold online anywhere yet. Let me know if you find them! The bold slogans are very in the Stonewall UK spirit.

Ultimately the success of #illegaltobeyou (one of the goals is to trend on Twitter) will depend on whether or not UK citizens are moved to share the message. Does Kaleidoscope and M&C Saatchi’s take on Jane Elliott’s  “Class Divided” experiment help you empathize with victims of unjust laws in other countries?

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