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Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to a charity

Hidden Camera: get more in return than giving to a charity

Most social experiments fail because they reflect us as bad and unreliable. Which is a true statement in some cases but very ineffective for cause campaigning. This reverse fundraising experiment from Norway is different because it gives hope.

The Norwegian charity networks SLUG and Changemaker took to the streets to raise money for developing countries. They also used a hidden camera to record the reactions when people get more in return than they give to the charity.

It reflects what is happening to many developing countries. It is the daily reality of spending more on debt payments than they receive in aid. One of the direct consequences is that this affects their health and education budgets.

SLUG is the Debt Justice Network, a network organization with about 50 member organizations. They work for debt cancellation and a more just international financial architecture.

Changemaker aims to erase the fundamental causes of global injustice. They primarily address Norwegian decision-makers in their campaigns.

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